Roshan Equity Investment

Roshan Digital Equity Account

Roshan Equity Investments is a great milestone initiated by the State Bank of Pakistan for the overseas Pakistani for the investments in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Non- Resident Individual Pakistanis having a Roshan Digital Account can easy open an account in PSX for shares trading.

Roshan Digital Account can easily be opened by visiting the website of any bank designated by State Bank of Pakistan. There is an online form is available, fill the form digitally and upload the required documents. The designated bank will perform due diligence on the documents and data provided by the Overseas Pakistani. The RDA account will be opened and activated within 48 hours.

Through online portal of RDA account, Overseas Pakistanis can open his/her shares trading account in Pakistan Stock Exchange. Through Roshan Equity Investments, Non-Resident Pakistanis can buy and sell shares online. Abbasi and Company Private Limited provides online trading portals and mobile application for online shares trading.

Roshan digital Account CDC

Non-resident Pakistani can open Roshan digital account to buy shares in Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Rohan digital account holder can request their respective bank to send consent or share information with central depository company CDC to open shares account. Non-resident Pakistani can easily open shares trading account by accepting Terms and Conditions of Investing in Pakistan Capital Market.

Trading Guidance for Roshan Digital Account

RDA Deposit Withdrawal FAQs

How to Invest in Shares through Roshan Digital Account

Roshan Digital Account holders can easily opt to invest in the Pakistan Stock Market by selecting ‘Investment in Stock Market’ on the bank’s website / portal / app and taking the following three further steps:

  • Select Abbasi and Company as your preferred Broker firm
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions mentioned (This will enable your RDA bank to share your information with Abbasi and Company and capital market entities to open your brokerage account & CDC depository account).
  • Add funds into your RDA brokerage account (This will transfer funds from your RDA Bank Account into your RDA stock market account with Abbasi and Company and enable you to invest i.e. buy and sell stocks).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Roshan Equity investments is a great opportunity for the Non-Resident Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange through their Roshan Digital Account.

Roshan Digital Account holder can select to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange by clicking the option “Investment in Stock Market” through bank application or web portal. Next step is to select “Abbasi and Company Private Limited” as broker. By accepting the term and conditions, your RDA bank will share your information with Abbasi and Company Private Limited to open your shares trading account.

Roshan Digital Account holder shall transfer funds from his/her Roshan Digital Account to CDC designated bank account. Then CDC will transfer funds to shares trading account. Click the link below for CDC designated bank accounts;

Abbasi and Company Private Limited after opening your shares trading account will provides you the user credentials of online shares trading terminal. You can trade online through Mobile app, Desktop terminal and Web Terminal. Click the link below to download our online trading terminals;

Abbasi and Company Private Limited designed a brokerage commission package for Roshan Digital Account holder. Please click the link below for more details;

Share can easily be sold in Pakistan Stock Exchange by using the Abbasi and Company Mobile app and online trading terminals.

Abbasi and Company Private Limited have its own research department which publish its research reports on regularly basis. All our research reports is available on our website in the Research Segment.

Share can be sold easily using mobile app or online trading terminals. When shares are sold in stock market the cash is settled within two working days. After settlement of funds, a withdrawal request can be sent to CDC via email. CDC will transfer the funds to your Roshan Digital Account.

Yes, you can buy sharia compliant shares through Roshan Equity Investments by opening Roshan Digital Sharia Account.

No there is no annual charges for shares trading account.

List of Designated banks