Forex Trading Pakistan

Forex Trading

Forex trading also affiliated as easy money-making process. Forex/Futures market comprises of the commodities, currency pairs, metal, and future contracts. Abbasi and Company being a TREC Holder of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) is entitled to provide all the exclusive trading resources, economic news updates, daily research reports and training sessions for futures trading in forex, futures trading in gold, futures trading in silver, futures trading in index, futures trading in currency pairs, trading in tola gold and trading in other futures contracts. We make the forex/futures trading in Pakistan easier and reliable, and you can connect with our professional traders for any guide or training.

Abbasi and Company have been working in the Forex market for several years being one of the pioneer members of PMEX. Our brokerage entity is regulated by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange and Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The company service provides favorable working conditions for forex traders and futures traders.

Licensed and Regulated

Abbasi and company means investing with a Licensed and Regulated Broker. One of the fastest growing and well-established firm in Pakistan.

Focused on the Client

All our clients receive the same quality services and research. We offer save same execution and the same level of support across all types of clients.

Full transparency

We fully disclose our dealing practices, and we never trade on the behalf of the client. Our commitment is towards transparency.

Trust worthy Forex Broker in Pakistan

Abbasi and Company are amongst one of the reliable Forex/futures brokers for forex trading in Pakistan. Being a reputable and trustworthy brokerage firm, the company provides a high quality of trading experience.

Requirements for Forex Trading in Pakistan

Interested in Online Forex trading Pakistan, you’ll need the following, to start up your business.

  • Open An Account with Abbasi and Company
  • To begin with the trading a client needs to open an account with Abbasi and Company.

  • A Reputable Forex Broker
  • It would be best if you choose a forex/futures broker who has a regulated operating structure in Pakistan.

  • A Tranquil Space to Trade
  • In order to conduct your Forex trading business, there’s need of a quiet place. moreover, a noisy and distracted space can distract your focus from trading.

  • Trading Capital
  • An adequate amount is needed for trading capital. Keep in consideration that, lack of trading capital is one of the significant reasons why 85 percent of Forex traders are failing. You can easily start trading with $10, $50 as well as with other best option for newbies.

Opening a Forex Account in Pakistan

To open an account for Forex/futures trading, kindly click the online interface for account opening It usually takes only a few minutes to complete the process. ACPL is a regulated broker, we comply with all the relevant AML/KYC requirements.

Online Forex Trading

Abbasi And Company provides its client META TRADER 5 (MT5) trading platform for online forex/futures trading. One of the premium trading platforms widely used by the professional traders around the globe for trading in forex, commodities, metals, index’s, currencies, and pairs.